Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Slow Down Metabolism


Oraitt...yg ni post sy nk share after baca dr certain website..^_^..enjoy....just a sharing..yg ni for those mybe plan nk tmbh berat....


1. Reduce your exercise level significantly. Activities that lead to muscle development can
increase caloric burning by as much as 50 to 75 calories per hour. Less muscle means fewer
calories burned.

2.Avoid met abolism-activating foods. Adding spices to food can help jump-start the
metabolism, and foods packed with protein are believed to have the same effect. Oriental
cultures believe in the medicinal, therapeutic and metabolism-boosting value of green tea.
Under these theories, spices, high-protein foods and green tea should be avoided if you want to
slow down your metabolism.

3. Eat foods that stall the metabolism. Just as some foods jump-start the metabolism, others
slow it. These include foods that are high in carbohydrates, along with fatty foods.

4. Increase caloric intake. The body can't burn them off before the fat is taken in and

5. Eat before bedtime. Those who trying to lose weight avoid this practice for a reason. The
body metabolizes food much more slowly when you're sleeping. Therefore, the more intake of
food,the less likely it is to be properly burned rather than stored

6. Decrease sleep. A proper amount of sleep is required for the metabolism to work

7. Consume caffeine. While some believe that a little bit of caffeine can speed the
metabolism, a lot of it can actually have the opposite effect.

May all these tips can help uu...BUT jgn la slalu..x sihattt..huhu^_^...njoyyyyyyyyyyyy^_^


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



hAIYAA..Lamaaa Sgt sy tggl blog...bukan Malas (!!sy Akn BerTekad di 2011 ni x tggl blog lagi...hehehehe

haha....SOooooooo sy ad interesting Fact nk share......

Post Kali ni sy Nk Share ttg knapa MENAMBAH>???ok...bukan menambah ketinggian..Kalauuu tamBah pun mauuu..haha...butin this posT Kenapa MENAMBAH berat...(ni khas utk Org2 yg really concern on body weight diorg..)...

Well...YES!!!!satu Faktor is actually SLOW METABOLISM....Yess..mmg laa Slow2 jgk..TAPi it's not Semuaanya kn Blame on Ur Body metabolism Rate semata2....But...we need to consider gak ttg:

1. UR Diet
2. Ur Exercise...

EvenTHo u have slow metabolism..But u still leh cover or change it dgN 2 bnda yg diLISTkan td......Well...

"Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Even when you're at rest, your body needs energy for functions such as breathing, circulating blood and repairing cells. The number of calories your body uses for these basic functions is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR):" -- Donald Hensrud. MD (mayoclinic preventive medicine specialist)

BYk Bndaa..yg mempengaruhi kadar Metabolisma dlm badan u guysss....

1. Saiz n komposisi Badan -->
---If badan U besar or contain more muscle mass pembakaran Kalori lebihhh kerap
eventho at rest!!

2. Jantinaa anda-->
---Well..Selalu nYa Lelaki yg mempunyai more muscle mass bakar Kalori Fast then Gurlsss...

3. Umur...yess Umur -->
---If Umur sudah semaKin Senjaa..Jismmm Otot (muscle mass) pembakaran
pun lambat...

SLOW metabolismmm X bole salahkan sgt2 Ok...Ad ByKkk Faktor yg lain contribute to weight Gain...antarany...

-->Eating Too many calories!!yes!
---U shud Know Makan biar Sikit2 tp keraP...Jangan PAPPP!!!satu gunung sekali
gusss)..setiap Meal misti contain karbohidrat.protein..Lemak..Serat...n vitamin!!

-->Too Little Exerciseeee...
---Mcm Kerajaan Advise!!TIDAK ada alasannn utk exercisee...Malu???no wayy
mann...pandai2 la fikir...Mmm...BRisk Walking pun bole laaa Beb!at least 30 min 3 kali
seminggu pun bole...come on!!

--- U still Can Change it...Eventhooo genetikk...Life style 90% !!!!

-->CertAin Medication yg buat Naik berat...kuat makan...
--- KenalPAsti Medication yg buat anda Kuat makan (ask Doctor) or Cari kat Tenet ok??

-->Unhealthy lifestyle..SKIP breakfast!n tidooo lmbt!
--- JANGAN SKIP BREAKFAST!!!!a big no no...TIdooo pun on TImeee....kena jaga
keseimbangan Hormon kita!!!...BIlaa TIdoo Lmbt..Hormon kortisol yg x seimbang bole
naikkan berat kitaaa...serious!

SOoo I hopee jgn Salah kan Metabolism Shj ok..Lots of lots Faktor Lagi...NexT AKn share ttg food yg leh SPeed Up metabolism...tunggu............^_^