Wednesday, December 31, 2008



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAY 2009 WILL BE THE FABOLOUS YEAR FOR ME AND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!
Bye2 2008! HEY2 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Are You????

Haha...Yerp--->I’ve joined the OIAM (it’s One In A Million programme. What I mean is only the oiam audition, and I’m really really want to share wif u guys.
Well,dr dulu lg if talked about singing auditon ka, aF ka, Mystarlg ka, or Oiam..i’m really not so interested (40% sure kot..haha) because I don’t think I got the 1 million dollar voice or sumthing…I just dun hv the “wow” talent serious!..but I do love singing..yes I do.But thanx to Nasier (upcoming Manager??) ,Gary S.(haha.).Sham, Welzan, Isaac and bunch of friends whom are really supportive, and that’s the reason why i join the oiam audition. Since there’s a lot of “sorakan semangat” everywhere...I’ve asked myself…”why don’t give it a shot??”

15th of November, i ody in Sabah (I smpai at 12.15am) Fuhhh…I really2 nervous..I ody tell my mum that earrrrly morning n luckily, she okay with that n send me to the “tempat kejadian”. I waited for my fren, Welzan.. Supposed we joined together but he got his cousin brother wedding..What???But nevamind, thanX to him, he printed out the audition form just for me in red ink..haha..walaOOO..ThanX Wel..And he do accompany me before his cousin’ wed start. ,…fuhhh…but he only can wait outside lerr since tmpat audition peserta dkt dlm ma..n the interesting part is my lucky number is 1020 after registered(that’s mean I’m among the earliest contestant, my turn is no.20..wHAaaaat???)…that day I heard hundreds of contestant is coming to try their luck..Most of them is in late 20’s I guess...So I enter the waiting room and wif a piece of new form in my hand, they ask me to fill it up and give it to the judges…it contain of question such as “why do you think you worth a rm 1,000,000??”

Wowww..i’m pretty sure that semua peserta ponnn x tau wHat to write..haha..i tell u's really a tough questions during that tym..yes it is!..hoho..n inside the waiting room, there’s a lot of fresh face and not forgetting lots of beautiful yg 2 times ody come to try their luck, ad yg artis rakaman Sabah, and ad yg pernah terpilih for oiam but unfortunately keluar awal I guess..n oso people like me yg br nk “merangkak”..Well...

Sdg Sronok tggu2 to b auditoned, the room just really....


cameraman everywhere,(I really lucky sebab a cameragirl came n interview me=D)media everywhere (Again,a reporter oso came n interview me, peace=p), photographer everywhere (haha..ya..they Take my piX as well..but I dunno if they put it in their articles ka..haha..nevamind), and of coz talents were everywhere, they keep on practicing(some of them show off I guess..haha..sorry!)..and I admit..they had a wonderful voice and gifted..i dunno why I’m there,nevamind..keep on fightin’..yezza..To be honest, I din practice much..i just practice thru my imagination n through “mmmm mmm sound “..n I oni got time to practice when my brother and my grandma tido…itupun what can I expect rite??haha..

I make some of new friends thr, ad yg dtg from far place, rural area, and ad yg pernah join AF audition (eRrrr..x minat rsnya..)..well, I really salute them, they really fight for their talent and they seem to b confident..they just really nice people..time passing by, 10.45 (dUb Dab Dub Dab)br start…walaooo…they called batch by batch (5 people each) to be auditioned…n I really nervous as hell..before my batch to come in..i receive “good luck” wish from new friends..i still remember one of them said “u will get it, I noe” Woow…thanx!


Before each of us called to be auditioned, we DIminta to say sumthng to the camera (sebelah pintu sj..haha), and I remember saying “to my best frens Nasier and Gary and ol my frens,bla2.. I do this for u guys,huahua! Smbil tunjuk gelang..promote tu..huahua)..then, I came in, saying “hi” and saw two friendly faces..that’s the judges!! I believe one of them is the CEO of this programme..yeay…I think Syafinaz n Paul moss can’t come since they oso run the same audition in Kuching on same day n tym…after Gave them the audition form, they ask me to stand on the sticker they had sitck on the floor and then asked me“Geo, what song are u going to sing??”n I said…”Anak” then I started to sing..wif the camera on the side, record plak tuuu..and bunch of crew behind smiling,Aduh..x kisah la..just go ahead..then I stopped, they ask me to continue singing..walaooo..since I think I’m going to forget the lyric..i ask their permission to sing the next song which is “My Girl”..huhu…tgh2 nyanyi tue, I realize that the microphone was dammn canggih..haha..n sampailah one level…

Judges #1: How old are you?

Me: 21 years old, Sir.

Judges#1: Are you a student?

Me: Yes, I’m in my third year, Sir.

Judges#1: OOo..let me be straight, we really want a talented person that can really focus on this programme (3 months) , and not a person that simply “tarik diri” just because he/she want to study, u get it?

Me: Yes Sir..faham2.

Judges#2: Why u join this competition?

Me: eRm…I just want to experience..

Then, they discuss for a couple of minute..finally…

Judges#1 : okay, I give you two choice…if u still nk terpiilih..i’m afraid u have to extend ur study,’s on the contract rite??

Me: (aiyoo…God..).ya…(actually me x baca…hooohoo)

Judges#2: but if u still want to finish ur study and come bck nxt tym…so I’m afraid we X choose u as there is some people out there yg btul2 nk this opportunity..we need someone yg can focus one thing…

After a real DILEMMA, and decide on the spot jg…

Me: I think I pilih mau belajar..(dgn senyum paksa..haha)

Judges#2: well…thaNx Geo..u can wait outside for the result..

Actually, I noe that I mmg x chosen since they explained to me inside the room, since I pilih study and they need potential contestants yg really focus and free, but it's ok wat=D..huh.i guess I’m not lucky..beside..i think I make a wise decision..i just wanna try and suka2 oni..i noe there’s a lot of people whom deserved as they really have that passion..haha..

I really2 relieved and to be honest terkilan a bit kan best if chosen..sumtyms I ask myself why laaaaa ckp study, I can be oiam contestant’s dulu boy, x necessary I terpilih in oiam rite??…haha..mybe can try next tym..

Well..sumtym…we really have to sacrifice as we hv to priotize the most important thing first..i guess..haha..but I still do love singing..i really wanna say thanX to all my frens that keep on push me to join..haha…really appreciate it..

p/s For those got talent but afraid to show it..haha…I think you know the rite time to “kabooom” ur talent rite..just give it a shot laaa…=D



During My previous sem, Nic, Yi Pei, Sham, Mira, Harvin Went for a holiday in Penang as we BEBAS from study n exam for a while ONI..haha=D.....eventho sy just 1 day with them oni.(got sumthng else to do) but seriously it was veryyy fun! ThanXX to Leng Loi Amy (our sweet Tourist guider!hehe), she brought us to visit so many interesting places such as ermmm..what temple ya...ooohh!Kek Lok Si Temple, Wat chakala..blabla Temple n Gurney Drive...n tons more!wow..Really Fall in loVe wiF penang!(i want to live bwh penang Bridge!haha)..Most of the place was really enjoyable -----> really having a good tym with them eventho got certain tym peNat..(sign of Aging..eRrr)..hehe..nEvaminD...Well, enough of typing..let's check certain piXs i wanT to Show u all guyS!


iN A NUTSHELL (waLaoooO)..I love the Big Bell, The Temple Wat Cha...blabla..(until now i cannot spell it out correctly..), the Francis Light nyer Port...(got meriam..bang3!), the huge giant earth replica..(it's a tabung actually...cesss).., the food N....The girlsss there!!!lots of blessing!haha=D..
Soo My advice is...Dun got to pENang!..Naaaaaaaa...kidding..COme2!!!u sure x regret de!it's worth!
I LOveeeee Penang's Bell..haha..=p

Saturday, December 27, 2008

To Bro Rich Estranged!!

Attention to diZZZ bRader--->>>>


Tommorow is my college registration, nid to tk the keyy looRr..SOme of my fRens goin bck 29/30..and so On for those creating their oWn holiday.(same as i did for the last 4 sem..hehe..rock!)
Well..that's not my "intipati" for this post..heehee..sorrYY..actually i really wanna congratulate Bro Rich Estranged!!pheewitt..actually dh lama dh..he married to Velvet AF4 izit..yaa.

--->This blessed Gurl!!nice outfit btw..haha

.The ceremony held in one of the hotel in's an exclusive or we called it as majlis tertutup beb..bTw..Congratulationss!!!! yaaa, congrate for the final Anugerah Juara Lagu too, u rock brader!

a daY b4 terserempak wif this Guy in one of the shopping mall..Buying sumthing Special for his wiFee...hEeeheee...caya la!!

p/s Semoga Bahagia ke Anak Cucuzzz..haha..yeehaa!

Friday, December 19, 2008


dEAR bRo n sIs!

PlZ b iNform ya..ouR reSult (uPm) 4 eXam Dh kuaRrr (19th/dec--nIte) u can check it here:

Soo..WateVA u gEt..bAd or doesn't's ur effort!Congrate btw n Can't wait 2 c all of u!!good luck n God bless!..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


HuHu....Soooo HePieeeee!!
ChrisTmas is around cOrner d..n my FamilY pN dh sTart Gathering..haha...diZ is my 1st year celebratinG blessed ChristmaS witHout mY gRandPa ooo..huhu..Miss u MOing!
Well..Christmas Aura IS THERE eVry morninG..(well..i owEz count d day.haha)...i belieVe evRyone pn x sbr d kan???hohoho...once a year maa....
Actually wanna apologiZE to those following my blog yaa..diz month i decided not to blogging n x touch internet except mendOwnload..hoho..(HOliday!) of d reason is there's so many thing to do, anak soleh ma....hehehe...

Well...To ALL my FrieND..aLL of u..yEs yOu!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2008


--->"Thanks for your participation.

We are glad that you put in your effort for this contest. Sadly you are not being shortlisted. However you can be the judge and vote for your favorite dance video. Be a part of this exhilarating event!

Your vote may decide who is the Finalist for the Malaysia final GATSBY Styling Dance Contest. Contest winner will fly on an all-expense-paid trip to compete in the GATSBY Styling Dance Asia in Tokyo, Japan on 28th February 2009.

ACtually this is a respoNd to mY best fRen's post in his blog..

GEO: BrOo..i dun feel helping u in the video making is a burden..nOOoo2..
it's not a burden at all...i'm sure Bung will oso agree wiF me...u noe hoWW hAppy i am thAt u entering this kind of competition..i want u tO succeed in watever yOu dO brOO!iF u feel's not that u r fail, but u ody succeed in trying!i really admire ur passioN in dancing..i noe u can do it, u are a time bomb man!!Maybe this tYm x dpt..who noe nXt tym???hehe..thing happen 4 a reason=D..Sooo...Cheer up man!...**** to THe "G" company..they r blind kot.hehehe...

-->dun Ever2 Putus ASA..jSt rEmember, there a lots of Supporter behind u beB!!..I am ur no.1 supporter!!hehe...N...PLZZZZZZZ call me anytYm beb!..if u niD cameraman..i want!!!

p/s ---> duN woRi, Gurl still after u!!haha=D
Your Sincerely.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

LazY????? a Story i really wanNa share wiF all oF yOu..pLz enjoYY


Pada Masa dahulu, ada sebuah kampung dimana semua rakyatnya amat
belaka tidak ada yang malas.

Jadi pada suatu hari, rajanya membuat pengumuman hendak mencari
seorang yang malas. Semasa perhimpunan itu, adalah seorang lelaki mengaku

Katanya : "Saya adalah yang paling malas"

Raja pun bertanya : "Apa tahap malas awak?"

Lalu jawab lelaki tersebut :"Kalau saya hendak makan,ada orang yang
menyuapkan saya".

Tiba-tiba datang seorang lelaki lagi : "Saya lebih malas lagi dari
dia tuanku".

Tuanku pun bertanya kepadanya : "Sampai mana pulak tahap malas awak?"

Maka jawabnya : "Kalau saya makanpun, sampai ada orang tolong

Maka raja pun terdiam.....

Tanpa disangka2 datang seorang budak lelaki datang kepadanya sambil

"Saya adalah yang paling malas tuanku".

Raja pun bertanya : "Bagaimana pula tahap kemalasan awak?"

Budak itu pun menjawab : "Nak citer pun malas".


Well..Actually i'm oSO a strOng supporTer oF OBAMA..n i'm verY2

beb cOz he Won!!
i really like diZ pix laaa...aFter hundRed yeaRs..finally...US hV unique president!waTever it is..i really hOpe US will bCOme much moRe "aNgel" than bEfore..huahua


Wednesday, November 5, 2008



wALAOOO..i NOeee U gUYSSS sooOO HepIe D...


yG bAKal abESSS Ur ExAMMM..(THat's Us aCTUAlLY!!)


BUt we"ll Meet AGAiN bUddy!c YA in NU sEm!N chayOOOk 4 ur CgpA YA!

Friday, October 31, 2008

EXam----->no Tiru2..haha!

Just 4 laugh..i took diz piC from mY fren, WelZan Back in Sabah( i edit it cket2.)...
ChecK diZ ouT =P

MoRAL of d stories====>> Try 2 do it uRselF laaa in Exam...iF still suRe x kn tangkapp..haha..bT it's not advisable guyss!!=P..HepiE sTudying n GuD luck Exam!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gatsby Guy!
Diz EXCLUSIVELY For u My fren!haha=P

P/S SuppoRt yOu larrr!or hot Chicks, introduce me is a MUST!!!!!

EspeCiallY to MegaT=p

fRom noWww..BewAreeeeee...i want To sTeal uR "ESTRANGED" album dkt loker!

Monday, October 27, 2008


HUHU..loorrrr..i noe u guysss tensioNN..cOme2..sinG along WiF Estranged-->Yg Pernah!gReat number from tHem!

Lirik lagu Estranged - Yang Pernah

silakan puas sudah disuruh
nyatakan mimpi yg tak pernah lengkap
lakukan apa saja yang kamu mampu
sudahlah biar yg telah lalu
lapaskan kesemua yg pernah ada
alihkan kalau ada masih tertinggal

cukuplah kalau
beratnya ada
disamping kamu

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta

tibalah waktu untuk bersedar
kerana giliran sudah menyeru
yg pasti yg panggil itu suci lagi
berilah sedikit untuk aku
hilangkan rasa hati yg tak percaya
biarkan dia yg bilang jgn lagi

andainya aku tau
ertinya disuruh
semua yg pernah minta
andainya aku cari
dimana dituju
semua yg pernah jumpa

jangan minta yg lebih
kerana tiada yg memberi
yg ada cuma mungkin kamu disini

oh tunjukkanlah aku yang benar

p/s EnJoyyy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guysss..YESSS YOU!!!


REAd THIs!!!!!!!<

FrOm d BOttOm of My sinFul HeaRt..(well....)

WISHIn' eAcHh 1 oF yOu!!!!!!


DoEsn't matter WAT cOurse u Are!!!

we've been ThROugh UPSR, PMR, SPM or STPM, or MATRIX..duN gV up..Grab ur pen n booK..AttaCKKKKKKK!


p/s SOOO..iF uu Find that uR spirit is a lil bit Down...i suggest you to click diZ linkk..

(WARNING: diZ site is ....i la...haha..With lyrics ya!)=P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Excuse me??wHat day??

Excuse Me???Wat Day????

-----> Friendship day????? (NoooOOOooo)
-----> Mother's day??????
-----> Valentine's day????
-----> Exam's Day???????
(NOOOoo...ermmm..Not yet..)
-----> Independent's day? (NOOOo la..aiyaa)


Fuhhh..ThanXX to my FaVee Lecturer..Dr.Zalilah For inForming Us Dat today is........


.it's World Food DAy laa...Do u noE guysss..There's still More than 800 million People around d world that still live in HungER???SOOooo plZZZ b ThanKful with Watever u Had..eVen if u eat BANANA everyday...B ThanKful saja laaaRrr...haha=P..(errRR..Nice wat banana) d moral of d sTory: if u dun like to eat this n that..Think of those who is unfortunate!!!n b thanKful with what u hV..(look who's talking)...

plZZ visit diz link 4 moRee inFO...yeZZaaa

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Knal x diZ gurl?
yess...DIz gurl??

12/10----> BufDay MIra!..well HEPi Bufday!!
13/10----> Hero2 like Imie, Nic, Yi-pei, Sham, Harvin , Wadi, Anuar N me telah buat 1 buFday paRty 4 her Where aCtually not a Birthday party foR her..haha...naaa..nVamind..but we Reli Enjoy as we gather n EAT!!that's d word EAT!..hehe...SEDAP!...d party is simple but meaningFul!izit Mira?=p..Check out some of d pix n vid i manage to take..hehe

AKTIVITI SUAP MENYUAP ( u feed me i feed u..haha)

haha..Can u see how happy they are!!yeZZa..hope it lasT!well, of coz!

--->well..i really want to thank you Sham, Yi pei n harvin 4 a brilliant idea..that way was funny mira...
------>HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!<------
Hv a fabolous time throughout doz year n keep on rockin' d world ya!


HeHe..I recEived kuih raYa agaiN=P..diz tyM fRom my NutRtion Course Friend N oso a Rugger u noe that??it's SUHAILA!!I'Mm sOo GLad bCoZZ still caN enjoy kuiH raYa eventho x g Their Open House BcoZz of hal2 berjangkiT..huhu...Well..i tell U..i"m Soo luckY to hv Person liKe tHem as theiR foOd Sedap Kaw2 pnyAaaa...Me n my HousemaTe, AGAIN...NOT ME SJ ARRR...hehe.. Were allReli ExciTEd d Whole Day, kenYang n terus Kenyangg...(i like d aLmonD, d WatermelOn like kuih n So on Su, Splendid!...) ...ChecHk diZ out Guys!

Unopened so ar...

Menunjukkan Simptom bakal diserang PIRANHA

PIRANHA Mahfuz Menyerang First!!haha=P

Wadi (bukan nama sebenar) is speechless...Thumbs up he said!

wEll..For SUreee i will noT 4get my BesT friend, NASIER KAMALDIN

YEs you broo!!

4 kindly gave me chance to taste his kuih Raya ( i love uR mum's kuih n uR hand made Kuih!!!thAnx Buddy!!appreciate it!)...i din manage to tk his kuiH pix buT oni his Empty conTainer leFt haha


...But i enjoy it BrOO!=pEACE!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


hehe..yaaaa..diZZ sectioNn..jusT 4 u ya!!

Kami Serumah actually really AppreciatE ur mum and Ur cook!!serioUsly Sedap!!!i loVe d sOup!!!
Sorry Coz cannOt cOme to uR opEn house BuT still Dpt makan!!yeay3!thanXX my Frenn!Guysss..u shuD sEe diZzz...

sOup..sOup..Souppp sgt SedaPpp..
lalala..Sedap menjilaT jAri...haha(boleh msk juara lagu nii)

Ni tym Dh aBess kn SeranGgg....x WoRRy..Bakal dibasuhhh,haha=P

u shud try diZ sOup Guysss..SEdapppp....mmmm..

haha...Ni pandangan Sisi ...lucu2...(amik awal pg niie)

Well..Farah..ThanXXX for ur Kindness yaa...Ur Family too..God Bless!!oooH yaa..bTw...


p/s Sorry Gak to those yg jemput g open house tp x dpt g atas perkara2 yg berjangkit errr...yg x dpt delakkan..huhu

iF u....

......i reli want to share diZ tv programme wif u out's pretty Funny...

u can watch it...

- When u r Sick??
- When u r Bored??
- When u r Down??
- When u r Stress??
- When u Want to Stay all Night Long??
- WheneVer u r Freeeee looo...

"JUST FOR LAUGH"-DEATH(ermm..)'s not just diZ one..but u can go to YOUTUBE and type sj Just FOr Laugh, n there's a lot more funnier than diZZzz..i'm sure u will enjoy>.gooOO gOOO...i hope it Will Brighten Up uR day...Watch it Wif uR frEn!!=P

P/S Actually rite..i watch diz since i was in my secondary schoOl...Funny!!






"REMAIN UNKNOWN"(i just love diz cover..)

I'm sureee that diz album is much moRe "wooow" than d first contain 13 songs:

There are 13 songs in the new album Remain Unknown:

1) This World
2) Yang Pernah
3) Masa
4) In No Time
5) We Remain Unknown
6) Enjoy The Ride
7) Tarikh Tutup
8) Destination
9) Ketika Ini
10) My Fascination
11) Aurora
12) Dances Of The Spirits
13) The Slave In Us

YG PERNAH--d first single was my choice of song diz month wehh...Aurora is d 2nd single but me blom dgr lagi...well..misti all Estranged Fan..Watch out 4 d CD ya!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

it's Eid Fitri!

it's diz how we shud live maa....multicultural indian, chinese,malay n lain2..hehe=p


to all my Muslim's Friends n ol malaysian Citizen!..wherever u the toilet kaaa, swimming pool kaa....i just dun care!hehe...di kesempatan ini...wishing you.






hOw Much i appreciate u guyssss!!!!

errmmmm..wHere's my micc???testing..1..2...3...

SElamat..Hari Raya...
Kepada sauDara serta Saudari..
Setahun hanya sekali...
Merayakan hR yg mulia ini..SELAMATTT HARI RAYAaaaaa....
p/s-----wehhh....Dun 4get my kuihhhhh.......dun 4get!!!

Diz is one Of Fave Singer wEhhh...enjoy2!(did u see d chicks behind thr?walaoo)=p

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


28/9/08..i will neVer foRget my 1st VideoShoot in PUTRAJAYA...Actually it's for Psychomantra'S new single and the sOng was supeRBbb(4GOT the song's title leee)..haha..He is a Rapper n oso very popular in tamil malaysian music industry...Actually me n sUzanne jusT waNna come n help, beSide supporting my Best Frenn Bro Gary(He Break Dance in this VideOO weHh), Sham, kosh n Murelli..but it turn up to be me n Suzanne oso included in the VideoShoot as a...couple!!Nice Teamwork SUzanne!!huhu...hEre's the list oF our role in the videoShoot~~~

Psychomantra-----Act/Sing/rap (cool!)
Bro Gary----------Dance/Break Dance (nice!)
Murelli/Kosh------Act as fighting cOuple
Sham------------- aCt beside a comel Fat Guy (as claim by Murelli..haa)
ME/Suzanne------Act as first tym couple n..sO on...erm..haha

Well...That's Really an early exposure to me...i neVa tot That i'll be included in his music video....well thanX to Rujj Ane (he's my Natyanjali Choreographer aka ShiiFuu,haha) whom direcT the music Video...ThanX bro!We Spend almost one Day ( 8++ am --- 7++pm) ..really a tiring day for me...but it's really enjoyable!

Shooting...hEre!!!in Putrajaya!!!

PsychoMantra in Action!!nicE song bro!we..haha..

Behind d Scene...haha..All sEem nervOus...haha..well..

Murelli n Kosh Fighting couple Scene

Sham n her cute Fren's Scene




Me n Suzanne couple Scene!!...Wif ROse....huhu..

Bro Gary's break dance's Scene

The CReW...

ReHat2...haha..Really LOVE their BEatBOX thing!!!BOOm...CHaaa..BOOmm..huhu..yeah2!


CreW For TOday...yeZZA!!!hUhhu..NicE piX Guys!!

That's was Really ..again...REALLY Good experience To me...Now i noE how it feels to be part of the videoshooT things...wEll..i'm looking forward for the neXt one...nyahuhu...kiDDin'..(heaven's knows)....
well..As a Conclusion..The rising Star for dat day is....

This Fella!i wiSh i cn DO that!!haha...BraVo BRo!