Tuesday, December 30, 2008



During My previous sem holiday..me, Nic, Yi Pei, Sham, Mira, Harvin Went for a holiday in Penang as we BEBAS from study n exam for a while ONI..haha=D.....eventho sy just 1 day with them oni.(got sumthng else to do) but seriously it was veryyy fun! ThanXX to Leng Loi Amy (our sweet Tourist guider!hehe), she brought us to visit so many interesting places such as ermmm..what temple ya...ooohh!Kek Lok Si Temple, Wat chakala..blabla Temple n Gurney Drive...n tons more!wow..Really Fall in loVe wiF penang!(i want to live bwh penang Bridge!haha)..Most of the place was really enjoyable -----> really having a good tym with them eventho got certain tym peNat..(sign of Aging..eRrr)..hehe..nEvaminD...Well, enough of typing..let's check certain piXs i wanT to Show u all guyS!


iN A NUTSHELL (waLaoooO)..I love the Big Bell, The Temple Wat Cha...blabla..(until now i cannot spell it out correctly..), the Francis Light nyer Port...(got meriam..bang3!), the huge giant earth replica..(it's a tabung actually...cesss).., the food N....The girlsss there!!!lots of blessing!haha=D..
Soo My advice is...Dun got to pENang!..Naaaaaaaa...kidding..COme2!!!u sure x regret de!it's worth!
I LOveeeee Penang's Bell..haha..=p

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