Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Before each of us called to be auditioned, we DIminta to say sumthng to the camera (sebelah pintu sj..haha), and I remember saying “to my best frens Nasier and Gary and ol my frens,bla2.. I do this for u guys,huahua! Smbil tunjuk gelang..promote tu..huahua)..then, I came in, saying “hi” and saw two friendly faces..that’s the judges!! I believe one of them is the CEO of this programme..yeay…I think Syafinaz n Paul moss can’t come since they oso run the same audition in Kuching on same day n tym…after Gave them the audition form, they ask me to stand on the sticker they had sitck on the floor and then asked me“Geo, what song are u going to sing??”n I said…”Anak” then I started to sing..wif the camera on the side, record plak tuuu..and bunch of crew behind smiling,Aduh..x kisah la..just go ahead..then I stopped, they ask me to continue singing..walaooo..since I think I’m going to forget the lyric..i ask their permission to sing the next song which is “My Girl”..huhu…tgh2 nyanyi tue, I realize that the microphone was dammn canggih..haha..n sampailah one level…

Judges #1: How old are you?

Me: 21 years old, Sir.

Judges#1: Are you a student?

Me: Yes, I’m in my third year, Sir.

Judges#1: OOo..let me be straight, we really want a talented person that can really focus on this programme (3 months) , and not a person that simply “tarik diri” just because he/she want to study, u get it?

Me: Yes Sir..faham2.

Judges#2: Why u join this competition?

Me: eRm…I just want to experience..

Then, they discuss for a couple of minute..finally…

Judges#1 : okay, I give you two choice…if u still nk terpiilih..i’m afraid u have to extend ur study, well..it’s on the contract rite??

Me: (aiyoo…God..).ya…(actually me x baca…hooohoo)

Judges#2: but if u still want to finish ur study and come bck nxt tym…so I’m afraid we X choose u as there is some people out there yg btul2 nk this opportunity..we need someone yg can focus one thing…

After a real DILEMMA, and decide on the spot jg…

Me: I think I pilih mau belajar..(dgn senyum paksa..haha)

Judges#2: well…thaNx Geo..u can wait outside for the result..

Actually, I noe that I mmg x chosen since they explained to me inside the room, since I pilih study and they need potential contestants yg really focus and free, but it's ok wat=D..huh.i guess I’m not lucky..beside..i think I make a wise decision..i just wanna try and suka2 oni..i noe there’s a lot of people whom deserved as they really have that passion..haha..

I really2 relieved and to be honest terkilan a bit beb..as kan best if chosen..sumtyms I ask myself why laaaaa ckp study, I can be oiam contestant woooo..haha..it’s ok..study dulu boy, x necessary I terpilih in oiam rite??…haha..mybe can try next tym..

Well..sumtym…we really have to sacrifice as we hv to priotize the most important thing first..i guess..haha..but I still do love singing..i really wanna say thanX to all my frens that keep on push me to join..haha…really appreciate it..

p/s For those got talent but afraid to show it..haha…I think you know the rite time to “kabooom” ur talent rite..just give it a shot laaa…=D


Welz said...

Nevermind la x tpilih this time..next time kita pi try lagi..give them a shot!Big one...hahaha...finish dlu stuDy..for now, try la dulu k17 idol ka, upm idol ka...hahaha...tapi best kan experience pi audition ni...hoho

SirGeo said...

huhu..x terpilih pn x apa..haha..nXt tym ko plak....sy accompany..ahakSs!

cjude87 said...

try harder next time Geo..haha all the best!!

GJO said...

Halo geo..

Wat a suprise? u join audtion OIAM la pula... takajut sa... at least u tried kan.. but remeber.. STUDY or EDUCATION lebih penting... if ko dpt jadi star d malaysia, market music d malaysia ndak good... if luar negara, lebih better... wahahhaah

SirGeo said...
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SirGeo said...

-->Bro Cliff
ThanxX Man..u'r d best!

ThanXX Fren!..ya Hor..at least try baa..suka2 sj..hehe...Education no.1 beb!

els said...

hehehe...rite choice....yup2...nex time la u try...len kli ko pksa welz join ko skali....blh tu kmu join...me gerenti kn jd psukn sorakan kmu...w/pn 1 org...hehehe...neway...nex time msti fully prepared n much more bttr vocal yeah...hehehe...GL!

are D said...

geo. i salute u. u did d right thing.
anyways weh i got my blog jugak. jom tukar2 link. hhehe