Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Are You????

Haha...Yerp--->I’ve joined the OIAM (it’s One In A Million programme. What I mean is only the oiam audition, and I’m really really want to share wif u guys.
Well,dr dulu lg if talked about singing auditon ka, aF ka, Mystarlg ka, or Oiam..i’m really not so interested (40% sure kot..haha) because I don’t think I got the 1 million dollar voice or sumthing…I just dun hv the “wow” talent serious!..but I do love singing..yes I do.But thanx to Nasier (upcoming Manager??) ,Gary S.(haha.).Sham, Welzan, Isaac and bunch of friends whom are really supportive, and that’s the reason why i join the oiam audition. Since there’s a lot of “sorakan semangat” everywhere...I’ve asked myself…”why don’t give it a shot??”

15th of November, i ody in Sabah (I smpai at 12.15am) Fuhhh…I really2 nervous..I ody tell my mum that earrrrly morning n luckily, she okay with that n send me to the “tempat kejadian”. I waited for my fren, Welzan.. Supposed we joined together but he got his cousin brother wedding..What???But nevamind, thanX to him, he printed out the audition form just for me in red ink..haha..walaOOO..ThanX Wel..And he do accompany me before his cousin’ wed start. ,…fuhhh…but he only can wait outside lerr since tmpat audition peserta dkt dlm ma..n the interesting part is my lucky number is 1020 after registered(that’s mean I’m among the earliest contestant, my turn is no.20..wHAaaaat???)…that day I heard hundreds of contestant is coming to try their luck..Most of them is in late 20’s I guess...So I enter the waiting room and wif a piece of new form in my hand, they ask me to fill it up and give it to the judges…it contain of question such as “why do you think you worth a rm 1,000,000??”

Wowww..i’m pretty sure that semua peserta ponnn x tau wHat to write..haha..i tell u guys..it's really a tough questions during that tym..yes it is!..hoho..n inside the waiting room, there’s a lot of fresh face and not forgetting lots of beautiful girlsss..grrr..haha..ad yg 2 times ody come to try their luck, ad yg artis rakaman Sabah, and ad yg pernah terpilih for oiam but unfortunately keluar awal I guess..n oso people like me yg br nk “merangkak”..Well...

Sdg Sronok tggu2 to b auditoned, the room just really....


cameraman everywhere,(I really lucky sebab a cameragirl came n interview me=D)media everywhere (Again,a reporter oso came n interview me, peace=p), photographer everywhere (haha..ya..they Take my piX as well..but I dunno if they put it in their articles ka..haha..nevamind), and of coz talents were everywhere, they keep on practicing(some of them show off I guess..haha..sorry!)..and I admit..they had a wonderful voice and gifted..i dunno why I’m there,nevamind..keep on fightin’..yezza..To be honest, I din practice much..i just practice thru my imagination n through “mmmm mmm sound “..n I oni got time to practice when my brother and my grandma tido…itupun curi2..huhu..so what can I expect rite??haha..

I make some of new friends thr, ad yg dtg from far place, rural area, and ad yg pernah join AF audition (eRrrr..x minat rsnya..)..well, I really salute them, they really fight for their talent and they seem to b confident..they just really nice people..time passing by, 10.45 (dUb Dab Dub Dab)br start…walaooo…they called batch by batch (5 people each) to be auditioned…n I really nervous as hell..before my batch to come in..i receive “good luck” wish from new friends..i still remember one of them said “u will get it, I noe” Woow…thanx!

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els said...

hahaha... red color...mmg tu dia...abis ink hitam kn dia ckp...hahaha...bt stil...nsib bek da jg...hahaha...