Saturday, December 27, 2008

To Bro Rich Estranged!!

Attention to diZZZ bRader--->>>>


Tommorow is my college registration, nid to tk the keyy looRr..SOme of my fRens goin bck 29/30..and so On for those creating their oWn holiday.(same as i did for the last 4 sem..hehe..rock!)
Well..that's not my "intipati" for this post..heehee..sorrYY..actually i really wanna congratulate Bro Rich Estranged!!pheewitt..actually dh lama dh..he married to Velvet AF4 izit..yaa.

--->This blessed Gurl!!nice outfit btw..haha

.The ceremony held in one of the hotel in's an exclusive or we called it as majlis tertutup beb..bTw..Congratulationss!!!! yaaa, congrate for the final Anugerah Juara Lagu too, u rock brader!

a daY b4 terserempak wif this Guy in one of the shopping mall..Buying sumthing Special for his wiFee...hEeeheee...caya la!!

p/s Semoga Bahagia ke Anak Cucuzzz..haha..yeehaa!


Welz said...

sayang kita x pi bgambar ngan Rich hari tu kan...kalau x, kaya sdh kita kan...wakakaka...

SirGeo said...

tu lahh Wel..ko la tuuuu..iskkkk..

Anonymous said...

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