Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Excuse me??wHat day??

Excuse Me???Wat Day????

-----> Friendship day????? (NoooOOOooo)
-----> Mother's day??????
-----> Valentine's day????
-----> Exam's Day???????
(NOOOoo...ermmm..Not yet..)
-----> Independent's day? (NOOOo la..aiyaa)


Fuhhh..ThanXX to my FaVee Lecturer..Dr.Zalilah For inForming Us Dat today is........


.it's World Food DAy laa...Do u noE guysss..There's still More than 800 million People around d world that still live in HungER???SOOooo plZZZ b ThanKful with Watever u Had..eVen if u eat BANANA everyday...B ThanKful saja laaaRrr...haha=P..(errRR..Nice wat banana) d moral of d sTory: if u dun like to eat this n that..Think of those who is unfortunate!!!n b thanKful with what u hV..(look who's talking)...

plZZ visit diz link 4 moRee inFO...yeZZaaa

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