Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Knal x diZ gurl?
yess...DIz gurl??

12/10----> BufDay MIra!..well HEPi Bufday!!
13/10----> Hero2 like Imie, Nic, Yi-pei, Sham, Harvin , Wadi, Anuar N me telah buat 1 buFday paRty 4 her Where aCtually not a Birthday party foR her..haha...naaa..nVamind..but we Reli Enjoy as we gather n EAT!!that's d word EAT!..hehe...SEDAP!...d party is simple but meaningFul!izit Mira?=p..Check out some of d pix n vid i manage to take..hehe

AKTIVITI SUAP MENYUAP ( u feed me i feed u..haha)

haha..Can u see how happy they are!!yeZZa..hope it lasT!well, of coz!

--->well..i really want to thank you Sham, Yi pei n harvin 4 a brilliant idea..that way was funny la..haha...to mira...
------>HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!<------
Hv a fabolous time throughout doz year n keep on rockin' d world ya!

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