Thursday, November 13, 2008


--->"Thanks for your participation.

We are glad that you put in your effort for this contest. Sadly you are not being shortlisted. However you can be the judge and vote for your favorite dance video. Be a part of this exhilarating event!

Your vote may decide who is the Finalist for the Malaysia final GATSBY Styling Dance Contest. Contest winner will fly on an all-expense-paid trip to compete in the GATSBY Styling Dance Asia in Tokyo, Japan on 28th February 2009.

ACtually this is a respoNd to mY best fRen's post in his blog..

GEO: BrOo..i dun feel helping u in the video making is a burden..nOOoo2..
it's not a burden at all...i'm sure Bung will oso agree wiF me...u noe hoWW hAppy i am thAt u entering this kind of competition..i want u tO succeed in watever yOu dO brOO!iF u feel's not that u r fail, but u ody succeed in trying!i really admire ur passioN in dancing..i noe u can do it, u are a time bomb man!!Maybe this tYm x dpt..who noe nXt tym???hehe..thing happen 4 a reason=D..Sooo...Cheer up man!...**** to THe "G" company..they r blind kot.hehehe...

-->dun Ever2 Putus ASA..jSt rEmember, there a lots of Supporter behind u beB!!..I am ur no.1 supporter!!hehe...N...PLZZZZZZZ call me anytYm beb!..if u niD cameraman..i want!!!

p/s ---> duN woRi, Gurl still after u!!haha=D
Your Sincerely.....


Gary Arwin said...

Thanks a lot bro!!!
And im waitin 4 the OIAM post....hehe

SirGeo said...

Tggu Ya...=D..later i iNfo uu beb!