Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soooooo kEsiannn...

: Claz Interaksi drug nutrient BT4 rite?
: After Diz CLass jam 2 rite?
: Dr Wants Handwriting or Taip??
: Bsok kn presents kaaaa???
: Aiyaaaaa....Group wif wHhooo???
: DiscussioN tonite??
: Arrrr???Kelas Ganttiii?then makan lehhhh??
: Friday (lecturer)??CannOt....we got Classs...(students)


it seems like We r among the Bussiest student dIz Sem le....i dunno whether it's a goooD thing oR bad thing for a final sem student here...like us b4 goin 4 attachment for 1 year++...Evryday hv 2 wake up at the same tym...going bck hostel at the same tym....8am----->5pm..Kelas ganti pun x tau nk letak mn??any idea??mybe pecah to half half kot...it's not thaT i'm complaining here..haha..But it's only the 2nd Week wE ditimbus wiF sooOOoo Many assignment n presentation..pluz wif proposal n menu planning report..kcal/kcal/kcal/...tido pon tmimpi buat menu...haDuuuzzz!there's moreeeee work to come..iF Sem lepas superbusy...yg ni Bapak busy..huahua...(NiCCc..i noe u want to hafal diZ part..sila2..haha)

Frankly speaking...

it's SOooo funny when i pause a while from my busy2 life and observe my frens run here and there to search for references, books, lecturer and our Best frens of the year===> JOURNAL!..i never tOt that this "helping profession"(Dr.Zalilah's notes.2009) is kinda killing us..but i'm strongly believe that it's preparing us to become a fighter out there later...haha...wHen i thinK again...it's fun whaT..dis is the last sem we have to attend for kuliah and pace by pace, day by day ( trust me, it's going to b faster n faster)..no more laughter (mostly berkaitan lecturer n imagination..n some interesting "stuff", with Nic, Wadi, Mahfuz n Keyoo..ooo..n the gurls!hehe)....After diZ plak x more chances...(got...but lesser) to sit and chit-chatting wiF other frens..Eeeeee yEeeeeR....hahaHaaa.weLL..i really wanna cherish evry moment Nieee...haha..Be sTrong GuyS!Menu planning WeIii!


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