Sunday, March 1, 2009

i Love February PART 1=D

When Talk aBOut February 2009...xd peraSaan lain melainkan Feel Blessed!!i'm Sooo sOoo thankFul to God 4 waT He had gave me..n i belieVe it's a Rezeki..sOo i accept it lo=D..Not menCapap heRe buT..i reli WanT to Share With u Guys Out thEre SIncE i'm Truly madly deeply n Extremely haPPy riTe noW buT still PijAk Tanah la..haha.....


-->I am so proud of our College Ping pong Team,reli happy for them..after 3 years they managed to enter final...n they got 2nd, u guys did splendid!!!tabik la bro!! Dat day me, Gary, n all my housemate came just to Support Nic (our MOST stylish coursemate, u misti blanja us arrr) n Chin Guan (Happening player!)...not forgetting Chen Hong (Is dat name spell correctly??..Chen Hong!!Chen..haha...Konfiden sj panggil Seow2 at first...haha)

Among our k17 Heroes...


--> i'm officially in a banD called k17-clan to enter k10 battle of the band competition (thAnX Predith d manager 4 offer me to bCome VocalisT...!!!)that's was one of my memorable moment sinCe dulo2...i jusT tgk band fRom bawah i have onE...n i'm feels so ThanKful coZ all the member--Firdaus, Gab, Once are a GOod musiCian 4 me!...eventho we x manage to enter Final (soo Sad..), but deep down i'm still hEpi to Rasa the Aura nyanyi with Band.....we perform 2 song which are 1) Higher (creed) & 2) plug in baby (muse)....i loVEeeee it!!!and later that night Was FOODNATIC IDOL...i cam to support KEyo n Mahfuz, my Coursemate, as well as Sonia our junior..they Did a good job n really entertaining Weh!!!n KeyO & MahfuZ --->1st FOoDNATC Idol...yeZZA!!!proud of u Guys!!!

TO MAHFUZ N KEYO!!!!u r the idol man!!!


--> i enter d k17 idol audition, haha...i've participate 4 the second tym actually...n i shud say there's many talent here in k17 wEhhh....that Nite i'm sOooo tireDdd n Sedey sbb my Batt. of the band pnya case haha, i hampir2 plan to quit from joining..but ARahan NAsier (thaNNX !!) n support from kWn2 mcm Gary n Sham..netc....sOooo i join laa...haha...n luckily i'm d only male dat managed to enter d final...yg lain2 are gurls that i reli2 tabik (4 gurls and 1 guy)..coZZZ they are gifted with voice...i love their voice..n they r nice!!!i feels blessed!


--> Dinner Makjasa (Malam Kilauan Berjasa). Tujuan Dinner nie is to celebrate and menganugerahkan all the final yeAr student including my course (since we will be leaving nXt year bcoZ we will hv 1 year interndship ooooo...=D) yg byk contribute to college i guess (sy tgk dlm buku MAKJASA..haha)....i'm feel blessed BcoZ i had the opportunity to bcome Wakil for the final year Student n one interesting thing,sy kn bg speech..n i love to prepare it myself..haha...x suka fake2 pnya...hehe)...i'm sOoo happy to Say wat i want to saY in Front of Vice Canselor, timbalan, pengetua n other VIP, yg plg Penting, all my friend...bCOz it's not only my speech..but our Speech!haha=D...n that Night.....inilah lisT pemenang2=

1) Anugerah Kilauan Berjasa n Anugerah Pengetua (INTAN SURAYA)
2) Anugerah Jasa Bakti (MOHD.KHAIRUL AZUAN)
3) Anugerah Jasa Kepimpinan (NOOR HAFIZAH)
4) Anugerah Ilmuan Berjasa ( Kak Erni)
5) Anugerah Olahragawan/Olahragawati (None)
6) Anugerah Jasa Seni ( GEOALLEN GEORGE, me!)

Again..i feel Blessed n rEli Grateful....i'm sUre my friends yg lain pun feel the same Way..dpt award wehhh.....huuuhuu..aNyway..eVentho aD kuReng2 cKettt but..i Love the Food!!!specially when i hv the opportunity to SIt at the VIp seat..nyammmm3..hehe=D...well tHat night xkan dilupakan FAiz (nutrition course junior)hehe...dia btindak sbG Cameraman n "Final" year.he is really a nice person!haha... be continue...

(sOrry Guyss...i will uploAd the PiXxx aSAp Ya!)


Ray Jr said...

perhhh..mntap2..heheh..artis maaa..

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hazwan said...

geo, congratz bro, hehe, saya tau kamu memang hebat dan berbakat, teruskan bakat kamu itu...

SirGeo said...


sY rinDu kM!!!cpat blk k17 bROoo!