Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's Just Sooo nicE to sEE PoKer Face's Song Evolve (originally from Lady gaga??)..
haha..I mean to a more "masculine" sOng..haha

Poker Face - Daughtry..BrAvoo GuyS!


Farah Hanani said...

kinda cool..
buat saya teringat dekat lagu Disturbia yg di masculine kan oleh Boyce Avenue..

SirGeo said...

a a..bTul3!

fiqss said...

hello geo :)
nice blog too :)

nway i obviously dont know u, and ive only seen u perform once. but i must say ure naturally talented ;)

nway, niceee cover by daughtry. mmg this song belambak versions kat u tube. haha. i have my own version too. tapi since i play the guitar hampeh2 aje x berapa sedap la. LOL

SirGeo said...


thank uu!!U'r talented too my fRen!!U hv ur own versionnn???woww..tabikk!!dun bother bout the guitar "hampeh"...ur d best!!

bTw..ThanK u 4 d visit..hehe=D

fiqss said...

i'm talented in what sense geo? u dunno me at all XD

SirGeo said...

haha..4 Sure u hV talent...haha=D

"i have my own version too. tapi since i play the guitar"--> thr's ur talent buddy!!work it..hehe!