Sunday, May 17, 2009

OPD training!

YEay..dh Tamat Pon 1st week oF my training!!7 weekS more to gO..'s kinD oF "a While" x write blog...Busy here n theRe...haha...Well, 11 mei lalu..(which is 6 days agoo..kecuali Nic...he started on sunday!!)..All oF us, the diEtetic sTudent has started our Outpatient training....Me dkt University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) everyday kn bangun 6am or sewaktu dgnnya..hahaha...

Well, it suprised me a loT I guess....Patient bertimbun2!!haha....Mmmm...N UMMc actually is a place to leaRn REAL situation n Reli need Profesionalism (pergghhhh)... to conduct mcm2 hal...Unit2 dkT cni bole 14 dietitian...9 yg aktiF..yg 5 tu..maternal leave, study leave n so On...Cuma SOrg sj laki....(walaOooo..)..

DKt sn ad dietitian yg responsible in each clinic...means they're expert in that field laa..since dh Lama duk situuu...

Renal Clinic
Oncology Clinic
Surgical clinic
Endocrine Clinic
RUKA (general) Clinic
Warfarin Clinic
Ante Natal (ibu2 cun mengandung..haha) clinic
Cardiac-Rehab CLinic
Paedatric Clinic...n sOO on...



haha..Thr's nothing to b afraid koT...u r learning beb!

4 ME, evryday is a new day to learn 4 nu thing..thanXXXxxx God..U rock! gak dpt UMMC, beside can Cuci MAta2, leh la usha2 iF ad Leng Looi, Tangachi ooor, adik manis or Sumandak!!....ya find Future Wife..cannot meh??!

ooo ya, bTw, to my nu roomaTe aKa my Best Buddy yg skang dKt Uum 4 masum-Tabik SPring n God Bless!--Gary Arwin Alburn Dass!

u r the besT!!

act, HE is d Upm Futsal player, Masum tu...!nway "The Ball Won't Leave YOUR foot as long as u r in UPM"...haha"..yeZZA!

Well, nXt posT I will include the PiXxx...Wait Arrr..!!haha..Wish me luck!


dhiera said...

oich,,,bz ker???
daku buhsaannnn

SirGeo said...

u bosan???aiyOoo..

sy saKit kpala!hehe..

chengmun said...

wish you enjoy and have fun on your training..

my next practical in school is coming soon..


SirGeo said...

Cheng Munnnnn...Gud Luck Ooo!Jia YOu Lao She!=D

Gary Arwin said...

Wahhsehhh!Bangga siot! but i baca after my MASUM! haha, sorry~

LENLUIII! haha.. :p

SirGeo said...

NO Problem laaa BROooo..Janji u Noe U got Supporter!!hahaha


idysur tagem said...

bz bro?
chill a bit.
u got tagged~

SirGeo said...

BROoo..i'm tagged??hehehe...