Saturday, September 20, 2008


God...i'm So grateFul to be aliVe everyDay....

ritE noW..

can someBody justt kill meeeeeee! waaa//eXam n assgnment come one step in a time..wAAaalaoo..
i hv to pass up d "kerja kaunseling" tommoro n at d same tym hv to study "Food Culture n society" which killing all the dietetic student wif Dr Zalilah killing technique------------> serangan bertubi2 journal!!..


Dr.Zalilah's exam...chayok2!

I "Heart" journal baby!(does it suit wif the expression?haha)

dun get me wrong ya..i lovEEE Dr.Zalilah maaa(hope she gV extra mark when she read diz..hope so..)..She is among my fave lecturer..=D

well2...waTever it is...i dedicate to ol my Course mate...Happy Studying n duN 4 get to sLeep wif the journal if u want To..haha=P------aja aja fighting!------=p


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