Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'M a Daddy..i'm a Daddy=plalala..

WalaOOoo..a fEw days aGoo...i went to Chin Guan's Room and i saw lots of hamster (bout 8 of them), and i'm sOooo in love with diz cuTe hamster..haha..i really Want 2 ask or buy the hamster from Chin Guan a.k.a Successful daddy, haha buT fikir2..maybe not yet kot cOz i dun hAve the equipment or house for the hamster..Ya Looooo...Where i put my hamster later??haha..tHen, lasT friday i decided to tk it since Chin Guan ask me to ask any of my gangster (friends) if they want hamsters coz he feel there'S too many to take care ody and he worries dat during this raya aidilfitri, there's no one will take care the hamster...thEn, i booked one female Hamster (pheeewittt) from him..x tau plAk Bro Gary oSo soOOO exciTed when i asked Him " GAry..u Want hamster maaa...Chin Guan...blablabla n bla..." and he want the male hamster..hehe..Now i'm still looking for people who really into hamster thing..haha..
Actually i love to go to Jie Han's room to chat bout the guitar thing, music, david cook (haha...his music okayyy) n Hamster..since he is 4th year veterinary medcine student, soo i love to ask lots of question to him including hpw to become a succesful, how to take care of the hamster n sO on..n Guyyss..if u want to read more bout it just click diz link ya

My hamster is a Normal Campbell Russian species n the age is bout 1 month BUT I still dun Hv any idea to gV it's name.maybe angelina jolie?jessica alba perhaps?or charlize theron?? iDea wehh..hehe..let's tk a look a some pic i upload hEree..

diz is my NEW HAMSTER!!!love itttt..

Both Bro gary n my hamster (posing dkat bread)

Dis is the Successful daddy's room..hehe..will upload his photo soon..=p

And diz is my "Shi Fuuu" Room...Jie Han's room

well, since i got new "baby" ody..i hv to really taking care of diz piece of meat (haha)...i hv to bg makan, minum, n most important protect it from these monster or nk tangkap gmbr this cat..i hv to kejar it everywhere...) beware u cat!beware u hamster breeder..haha!

BEWARE!!!if anyone see diz kind of diz no.0173488164

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