Sunday, September 21, 2008


Check diZ out man...

it's From David Cook (American Idol s.7)..he change "mariah Carey" girlish song to more maCho Song..tHanx Dave(x perlu curi2 dgr maRiah song anymore..haha..kidding laa)!

Check Out How d tune is played..eVery single string..WaLaoooo...!perfect!

Guys, thr's a few number by david cook that's really cOOl..check Out

-Dare you to move
-Billy Jean
-Dream big
-Eleanor Rigby (what a name her mother
-i x wanna miss a thing
-time of my life
-innocent etc..

iF u want to dW, just visit (it's fRee!!)

well..i shuD say dat...diz song is a must to ol of u ouT thr!!a meal to ur ear!!!ngap3..

OOoooo..wait ya..i got mEssage fRomm David COok????hurmm..let see...

p/s David Cook's fan...SOrry!!=p

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