Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SaTay Kajang!!!

LasT nite...Asyran, KeYo, WadiE anD Me..went to Hj samsuri satay Kajang RestauRant to plaY chess.....


hUHU..AcTUally to eat...SATAY KAJANG>..i tell u guys..last nite was my 1st tym in my whole life to eat satay kajang buddy!i heard thE "AURA of Satay Kajang" since my first year n aFter 3 year i managed to eat it without mercy..haha=P..we really haVing our Time ( did i mentioN keYO drives us SAFELY theRE...driFt man DrifT..haha..OOps!
thanX kEyo!)..Wow..Pasar malam besIde thEre was also Happening beb!haha..pRobably bcoz of Raya is around d coRner kot=p..Soo wE pesan about 40 Cucuk of satay (normal 4 guYss..haha)..n..i tell u..the Food service there was superb plus the Satay Kajang TRUE!!mmg Sedap, no Wonder the restaurand is crowded, and we oso got freee mamee Slurp sample last nite from a beautiful girl..thanX kakak..haha!i think my Mr.sTomach is really happy last niTe..haha..

Diz is the SATAY KAJANG i'm talking About..SuperbBB!(Timun oSo laa)

Not forgettin my "WIFE"..she's sooo pretty it!

I plan to have diz kind oF vehicle to go to work in the future..ya~~

i x noe that PinnochiOo can duduk atas ikan??wT....

KeYOoo...ProuD to b d penunjuk arah..sini basuh kak!haha=p

My competitor a.k.a Piranha dlm merebut Satay Kajang..haha..kiddin2....ThanX Guys!!

p/s :Guysss...plZZZZ Gooo to the Satay Kajang Hj SamuRi ResTaurant!!sedAp!!!

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